A state of health is a state of balance. Health is not a given; health is a choice!

   Therefore one must choose to create health in his / her life in order to experience it.

   At the other end, a disease is a manifestation in the physical body as a consequence of an energy imbalance in the emotional, mental and / or manifested spiritual plans. The imbalance is usually created by an acceptance of limitations or application of belief structures that are harmful to the self.

   Of course, all were choices and an individual must accept those choices, appreciate them as its own, and then, choose again differently to prevent harm happening. A disease is a self creation and no treatment could help, unless the individual chooses to rid of it and allow health to take its place.

The healing process is a spiritual interrogation.

The Universal Energy applied through any Reiki technique helps re-balancing the energy levels going first to the root of the imbalance and creating an environment with excellent conditions for a state of health to settle in, only if health is chosen. As energy works by clearing obstructions at any manifested plans, including mental, there is a greater chance that a state of health will be chosen.

There is no Predestination, but rather Predisposition.

True Reiki

Particularly now, in the New Age and in the process of Ascension for Mother Gaia, you are absorbing and radiating more and more magnetism which is incompatible with the ordinary “old” electric energy. New aspects of manifestation of disease – state of imbalance – appear. To correct them you need to apply a new understanding of what’s happening, which is beyond the 3D belief structures we were used to. Those 3D methodologies, used in Duality, will work no more. Several good sources of information and help are available now worldwide. ONE of them is TRUE REIKI. Make the choice to use it, don’t be shy, and you are doing it for your greatest benefit.