Thaou Course

THAOU – The Healing Art Of Universe is the science of Universal Life Force Energy that provides a methodology of application of that energy to the human body (but not limited to) for the purpose of healing (balancing) and self-empowering.

The user of this technique is only a channel for the energy and that was made possible through an initial attunement to the vibration of the Universe. The clarity of the channel depends on the user’s filters (belief structures), but only its intensity is affected not its purity.

The application of this energy is also a way to increase the consciousness and the awareness of the individual. The user is looked as a whole, part of the greater whole which is the Universal Energy of Love and Light.

The course teaches limitless and sufficient the art of healing through Universal Love Energy. The mainstream of the course is THAOU and contains everything: short history of what is called Reiki, analyze of various manifestations of Universal Energy, human anatomy, physiology and psychology, studies of charkas and auras, application methods, DNA study, inter-dimensional reality study and much more.

The main subject of THAOU course is True Reiki. As it is described in its own chapter, True Reiki is pure Reiki. The study of the course is spread over several levels or degrees. As the Universal Energy is in continuous motion and expanding the same is the course, changing and expanding from one session to another.

Anybody, absolutely anybody, who shows an interest in True Reiki and desire to learn about it and the application methodologies, can enroll for the level One of the course. Any level superior to one can be taken only after the complete graduation of the previous level. Each one has a particular number os sessions and attunements. After graduation of each level, the students should practice enough the methodology to improve their health, their consciousness and awareness. The Teacher at CIES does an assessment for each student willing to enroll on higher level of the study, to see if their vibration achievement can accommodate the teaching of that respective level.

True Reiki

A graduate from level One or Two is called True Reiki Practitioner First or Second Degree. To become a Master or a Teacher requires several other levels to graduate. Every graduate, doesn’t matter the level, is taught to be professional and responsible, to show competence and respect confidentiality, moral and legal standards.

True Reiki can be chosen as a profession itself, that doesn’t challenge the classical medical approach in healing ailments but complements it with a higher degree of success.

The True Reiki has a special fee for every level. Please Contact Us to find out.  

The creator of the course, Nicolas Popescu, Master in Energy Science and Teacher, held it at CIES since 2002. 

If you are interested in enrolling or require further details please contact us