Are you aging?

For thousands of years humanity created the perspective of aging to justify its own self-judgment and choices. You look at your body and judge its aspect, the shape of your muscles, the transparency of your skin, the wrinkles on your face, the teeth in your mouth… and say to yourself: this is aging, this is not. You have created an industry of aging to support this concept. Doctors, retirement homes, pharmaceutical drugs, fitness and exercise equipment, health support systems, vacation packages, cosmetics, cosmetic surgery, special clothing and many more, all being designed to reinforce within you the concept of aging.

Aging is not inevitable; aging is not a finite perspective!

Your physical body is designed to maintain itself, after reaching the maturity, for thousands of years. It takes no energy to maintain it, but a great deal of effort to damage it. And that’s what you mostly do: you kill your physical body every day with chemicals – better said poisons – and add stress to it to make them work even better. And what you will get in the end is disease, which you call it so often “aging” .

Aging is not a given; aging is a process of life! 

True Reiki

Aging is a disease!

When you will be willing to accept that what you are is a result of your choices, to take responsibility for that what you are on all planes (physical, emotional, mental and manifested spiritual) then you will be able to empower yourself enough to shift your actual state (more or less disease) and get into a state of health. It doesn’t matter when you decide to do that – 20, 50, 70 or 90 years old – the change will be so amazing you won’t believe it.

Aging is a perspective created to allow you to limit the extent of your life in order to limit the experience of existence.

Forever youth, living hundreds of years? Being healthy?

These are questions with answers. Learn how to get into that, how to empower yourself to get to be the way you are supposed to be. Learn this old method, million years old, which is not even a method: it’s a perspective! It’s a way to energize your body to get it back natural and functional. Awake yourselves to TRUE REIKI!

We are energy beings and if we are not ready to accept this, we’ll never be able to manifest ourselves to the maximum extent of our capabilities.

If you choose to give yourselves the benefit of good living, then choose TRUE REIKI!

By True Reiki Master and Teacher Nicolas Popescu //Apr 18th, 2003