CIES – The Canadian Institute for Energy Science was founded by True Reiki Master and Teacher in 2002 in Toronto, ON. The object of study is not only the Universal Energy in itself but mostly the Life Force Energy, the Healing Energy, also known as Love and Light Energy.

The science failed so far to discover what makes the littlest particle tick or where the spark of life comes from in a live body or goes to when it dies. The very complex process of Life, of Existence, was always given a philosophical and religious approach but never an in depth scientific quest. The Energy, as a base of Existence, has multiple forms of manifestation, but the particular one for study here is the Healing Energy. And so is how The Healing Art Of Universe was born.

Most important is not onle to create a methodology to channel this energy, but also to reveal its complex context in which takes place. As we deal with an inter dimensional body, the study of this energy is based on a limitless view and understanding with no referrals to scientific dogmas or religion. 

At CIES the study of Healing Energy is spirituality – without being religious, is creating a strong impact in everyday life – without being political, is demonstrating phenomena – without using known scientific methods , is improving health – without being medical treatment, is boosting the energy – without any intakes, is self-empowering – without external means. In simple words, it does everything without anything. 

True Reiki

Teaching about Healing Energy involves ample knowledge about human anatomy and physiology, about the mechanics of disease and the chemistry of emotions. It explains the stages of healing, after revealing the steps of getting sick. Based on energy levels, it provides a human behavior study and a societal mix-up. It demonstrates how to charge a battery without electricity and purify water without chemical filters. And it could get to the roots of century long medical dilemmas without another century long scientific research. It provides humanity with a strong and positive knowledge about life and death. Human Psychology, astronomy, astrology, numerology and dowsing are also involved in the study. An exploration from the cellular level to the Super-Universe with inter-dimensional hints is at the core of the teaching at almost all levels of studies.

The Healing Energy Science does not eliminate classical medicine – but can live without it, does not eliminate miracles and wonders – on the contrary demystifies and explains them.

Besides self-empowering, another important goal of the study is to bring inner and outer Peace, Respect and Responsibility of the individual. Humanity, planet Earth and whole Universe could use any single drop of those attributes.

   The teaching is the most complete and profound existing now in the world. It empowers the graduates on multiple levels of awareness and consciousness, providing them with the skills and knowledge to be better healers. They benefit from every bit of the course and the Diploma they receive at graduation (stating the level / degree and the skills acquired) is meant to be the highest, so far, manifestation of the acknowledgement of completion. It also provides them with a profession as a Healer (Energy Science Practitioner) and the unmatched benefit – if chosen – of living forever healthy.

True Reiki teaching tries to take care of body, mind and manifested spiritual plans as well, its goal is that students, with every level of graduation, could make another step towards a higher level of enlightenment. As a methodology, True Reiki is not meant to be a simple mechanical application of the Universal Energy or of the attunements. Every level of the course is a whole in itself, part of the greater whole; they are different but they are connected and interrelated between themselves. To properly understand all this relationship, it requires a higher level of awareness and consciousness that the student is helped to achieve, which inherently may stretch to a higher degree of enlightenment.

   Any graduate of the course could become a Lightworker. Any Lightworker could become a Lighthouse. Any Lighthouse could mean an energy stronghold for the planet, in other words Love, Light and Peace.     

   So far students from several countries were counted as CIES graduates, we could name Canada, USA, UK, Romania, Australia, South Africa, Hungary.

   If You are looking for a better and longer life, for greater energy level, for more self-confidence and self-responsibility, if You want to Be and Make an Impact in the Now in Existence, then we are waiting for You with a Reiki hug and teaching at CIES. Our Lighthouse is always lit for You!