The Theacher

From the ancient times of Atlantis, through teaching the Nazarene and further on, mastering guidance to modern scholars, the author of this course brings a wide, surprising experience of existence and presents it in an unique, kind and loving way.

Trained by recognized teachers in healing techniques, from Reiki to Real Reiki, he mastered his knowledge and skills and after going through a short but intense re-birth transformation, his awareness and consciousness increased million times.

It was his Choice to reveal The Healing Art Of Universe and offer it through teaching to provide the most complete and profound course and methodology exiting now in the world. 

Nicolas Popescu

Your Mind is only a tool; the Imagination is what creates the opportunities.

The torments of life have hit the teacher trying to create havoc, pain and desperation. But he didn’t give up. Like the Phoenix bird, each time he came back more powerful. Slowly but strongly, grew the awareness of uncounted lives as a healer and a teacher. The seed of energy healing was right there, within his anatomy, ready to grow, if the choice was taken. And indeed it was. Then, it was only a question of desire to tap into thousands of existences to access unmatched knowledge and experience to develop the course.

Indeed, they were times of weakness and times of strength but always the marvel of energy created a huge impact. After healing his body and clearing his mind of limitations, blockages and belief structures, he was able to rediscover himself Whole and Complete, nothing missing or lacking, Able and Capable to take on his new Duty.

True Reiki

    Nicolas, the Teacher, started by being a dr. Engineer in Electronics. Of course, in this lifetime, otherwise we would say he was a … Lemurian Healer. With knowledge in many domains and a large array of personal skills the Teacher is able to help on multiple directions not only on the Healing Energy plan. Teaching THAOU is his favorite but if you see yourself in need of counseling, treatment, advice or any else, he will be more than happy to gently and honestly deliver it to you.