how I may have helped bianca andreescu to become a champ

I met Bianca Adreescu and her parents years ago when she was only 9, never since then. In the beginning of 2019, I heard on radio about her performance at Oakland Open. And then it was the Australian Open and after the Mexican. She failed to reach the final and win in any of them. She was kind of scared, non-confident, moody and even weak. She is not only Canadian but also a fellow Romanian so I decided to help her gain power in the areas she was lacking it. Her trainer was good in teaching her the tennis practice, but she was weak in other aspects of the game. I decided to do what I didn’t do before, to support energetically somebody in a sport game. I wasn’t even sure if is going to work. So, I started with a small tennis tournament in California in Jan 2019 and I guided her to wining it. I started to get kind of telepathic connection with her and so I could deliver the extra energy when it was necessary.

After that success I tried to contact by phone her family and I managed to get an exchange of phone calls and text messages with her mom Maria Andreescu which lasted until the end of Rogers Cup. I told her about my wish to help her and in what direction. She immediately embraced the idea and asked me to do so. There was no formal contract between us or written understanding. I was definitely taken for granted.

What happened after everybody knows. Indian Wells win would not have been possible without my help. She was given energy when she was collapsing, she started to get more confidence into herself and she was helped with score “imposing” when the energetic part didn’t work. She won against more experienced tennis players and when she got the final, she couldn’t believe it. She didn’t have the resources on her own to get there. 

At Miami Open she won dramatically against Begu and Kerber, I was having a headache and sweating because of my intense work to help her out of the hole. Sorry for Begu and Kerber which they were close to win and they didn’t know how it happened that they lost. Even Bianca didn’t know, she was asking her trainer what’s happening to her, she can’t get anything right, serves, returns, whatever. 

Bianca Andreescu

After Kerber second defeat in Miami and her naming Bianca the “drama queen”. Bianca fell psychologically and nervously. They were asking again desperately for my help. I encouraged Bianca again via text messages and phone with her mom. I advised them to stop and take a vacation being tired and that shoulder that started to bother needed attention. Her mother refused and said they want to go further and play Kuntaveit next day. What I knew is going to happen it happened but I didn’t want to tell them so she will feel discouraged. On March 25th 2019, that day of defeat, I sent again strong encouragements from my heart to trust her future and get well physically to play again, and like it wasn’t enough I put a “spell” on her saying she shouldn’t worry cause she will shine at Rogers Cup and Flushing Meadows in New York. I didn’t say anything about the other tennis opens, great slams or not.

And indeed, what I predicted so far has happened. At Rogers Cup I helped her again wining a series of difficult games, one after another. Her mom even asks me if I can “fix” a final with Serena because Bianca will get a greater reputation (that shows how sure her mom was that my prediction will get fulfilled). So, a day before I worked for Serena to get back from a tormented first set, she couldn’t do anything and beat that young and talented tennis player. For the final, Bianca’s mom offered us invitations in Bianca’s box so she would be certain that my physical presence there would help Bianca win. We got a bit late there; Serena was leading 1 nil. I worked right away both by imposing the score in Bianca’s favor and by helping a no so dramatic final. And Serena that really impressed me of being a great tennis player and a Real Lady withdrew from the game with more or less realistic back pain.

Bianca Andreescu

And that was to the great disappointment of numerous fans who expected a long and disputed game. What a nice exit of the situation to allow my prophecy to happen without making Serena a loser. In my opinion, despite the result Serena was the winner. We had to wait 2 hours and a half for Bianca’s parents to come to us in the box. And when they finally got there, I didn’t get even a thank you for my 4 months long help with energy, encouragements and advice about tactics to be applied in the difficult games and as the last resort by “imposing” the score in her favor. Her father knew nothing about my advices, her mom keeping for herself everything. She said she couldn’t remember about my advice, help and predictions. Of course, they were busy going vacation some exotic places and spending money they never hoped they would get. My last advice was not to allow Bianca to go to the next tournament but only US Open. Which they followed as they followed other advices, I gave to her before and she apparently forgot them.

Luckily, I have the transcript of all the exchange text messages between me and Maria Andreescu which can prove the validity of what I said here. With all the desperate demands from her to help Bianca, like “do something, that one is beating her” or “where the hell are you, she’s collapsing, are you online now?” It was like I would have had any obligation or contract with them. I have my busy schedule and I quite struggled many times to make myself available doesn’t matter the time of the day or night to help her. And also, with the proof that on March 25th I said Bianca will win Rogers Cup and Flushing Meadows.

I stopped my energy help for Bianca since start of US Open. But my energy spell I put on her in March is still helping her by smoothing her path to the final in the way of delivering not so strong opponents. The near future will prove if I was right again.

The transcript of text messages will be publishing online after the US tournament. I said I may have helped Bianca… I correct myself saying I DEFINITELLY helped Bianca to get confidence in her, to get nervous and physical strength, to change tactics, to win games, titles and money.
And if she didn’t want to reward me with a Thank You coming from her own, maybe the Universe will reward me.

Bianca Andreescu
No, categorically Bianca Andreescu wouldn’t be now where she is without my help. And hopefully with that strong push she might be able to maintain on her new level without my help, based on the fact that she has now attributes she was lacking before.

Written today Sept 1st, 2019