True Reiki

The term REIKI is Japanese and is usually translated as the Universal Life Force Energy. REI refers to the Supreme Intelligence, that overseas the creation and behavior of Universe, a kind of “God, Goddess and All That Is” wisdom. KI represents the Life Force Energy which is present one aspect or the other in all that is, people, animals, birds and insects, plants, trees, even rocks or, to a certain degree in man made objects, practically in everything.

Reiki is a sacred term and defines the purest and highest supreme consciousness commanded Life Energy. Therefore is untouchable and there are no degrees of comparison to it.

Reiki is an interdimensional phenomenon that is in the universal “now”, meaning it was, is and will always be present in existence. Reiki was known 300,000 years ago, in the Atlantis times, in the Roman Empire times, in the middle age as well as nowadays. But each time unders a different name and a common tendency was to mix-up the notion with the methodology of application. While Reiki is one and the same always, the method of application was perceived more or less differently each time when Reiki was “rediscovered”. And depended greatly on the level of consciousness and awareness of the entity that rediscovered it, also on the belief structures and limitations that were in place. 

True Reiki

So, for the modern times, Reiki became one with the “hands on” healing technique for application of Universal Energy, more like a holistic system to regain the balance and harmony between all the plans of being: physical, mental, emotional and manifested spiritual. 

To serve its purpose, True Reiki uses – like any other Reiki technique – “hand on” application on the body energy centers called Chakras. A charka is an Energy Gate, rather a getaway for energy, an intersection of many meridians of life inside and outside the physical body. Chakra is a representation of an invisible process, which happens continuously and involves the vital Universal Love Energy. Any chakra can be open totally or partially and its status is controlled by the conscious mind of each individual. Their ideal situation is to be fully open to allow a constant and continuous flow of energy to preserve a state of energy balance, a state of health.

From one point of view there are 7 major charkas but if you look further, there are 12 very important ones, 33 important ones, 64 if you see even further, 624 if you encompass behind the “veil” and so on, so on, so on…

Reiki Chakra

Due to usual physical limitations to perceive beyond the 7 major charkas, the hands-on application 12-position procedure of any Reiki technique corresponds and interrelates primarily to these seven major energy centers and their dynamic interaction with the whole of you.

   True Reiki takes this approach beyond the limit and pushes the investigations further on into the realm of unexpected dimensions of reality and denominations. True Reiki expands your Universe through an increasing awareness about yourselves, through an exploration within yourselves. Being an Energy of Completion, True Reiki, as a methodology of self-healing and self-empowering, has several levels of teaching. Level One, through teachings and attunements, raises your vibration, opens your hands charkas and allows you, by using the hands-on application, to serve True Reiki’s purpose. Level Two, using similar means, brings your vibration even higher, expanding your knowledge and power by learning how to direct energy to anybody, anything, beyond any time and space considerations. 

Further levels are major boosts of energy and hugely intense increases in awareness and consciousness.

   True Reiki teaches you how to go beyond the kindergarten of classic Reiki, which uses hands-on and symbols to deliver energy. It leaves it for the beginners in this science to allow them to feel it on them and get accustomed to it. True Reiki uses the Lightening Strike methodology to send the Life Force Energy to its destination. It’s based on the Instant Core-Tel Transmission type, which was initiated and developed by the author of this course.

   Every level of True Reiki is self-sufficient, it’s a whole in itself and in the same time a part of the greater whole that is The Healing Art Of Universe or simple said True Reiki.

   True Reiki doesn’t consider itself better or the best, compared to other Reiki-s. It only sees itself as Sufficient, Limitless, True and Complete to serve the Reiki purpose! There is no better or the best attributes for Reiki. Reiki simply IS. There is the methodology of application, which provides the excellence and from this point of view True Reiki goes far beyond!