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True Reiki
Thaou Course
THE TEACHER is back again! We were maybe out of the Internet world for a couple of years but we didn't stop teaching and sending energy to all in need and all who expressed their choice for that. We are here more than ever ready and powerful to assist you in your quest for raising your awareness and consciousness, to increase your selfhealing power, to regain your selfconfidence and selfesteem, to offer Love to mother Gaia and Peace to the world.
We will celebrate soon 20 years of activity in this field and we invite you with open heart to celebrate with us!

Special Announcement

For the months of Aug, Sept and Oct 2019 we offer a 43% discount of the tuition regular fee for those willing to learn and get special attunement for the first level of True Reiki course. To take advantage of this please call or email to the address on the contact page.

Also, for the same period, you can get a private channeling session for about an hour for only $80. After that period the fee will go back to the regular $150 per session. Please call or email for an appointment. 

True Reiki

True Reiki

The term REIKI is Japanese and is usually translated as the Universal Life Force Energy. REI refers to the Supreme Intelligence, that overseas the creation and  Read more

True Reiki

Thaou Course

THAOU – The Healing Art Of Universe is the science of Universal Life Force Energy that provides a methodology of application of that energy to the human body ... Read more

True Reiki


CIES – The Canadian Institute for Energy Science was founded by True Reiki Master and Teacher in 2002 in Toronto, ON. The object of study is not only the Universal ... Read more

True Reiki

The Teacher

From the ancient times of Atlantis, through teaching the Nazarene and further on, mastering guidance to modern scholars, the author of this course brings a ...  Read more

True reiki


A state of health is a state of balance. Health is not a given; health is a choice!
Therefore one must choose to create health in his / her life in order to experience it. Read more